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Socks that stay forever together

Pairz ® socks stay forever together throughout the wash, dry and store process, right until you're ready to wear them again. The unique looped label keeps your Pairz firmly together at all times, it even comes in handy when hanging them on the line to dry. They're a fun and innovative answer to many hours wasted searching for a matching pair of socks.  As each pair comes with a little message, such as 'forever together', 'sole to soul', 'a pairfect match' and 'let's stick together' Pairz socks make the ideal gift to give to someone you care about.  In time, when ordering on-line there will be an option to add a personalised note, which will be included with the socks and delivered straight to the door of your loved one. 

For each sale made on-line £1 will be donated to aptly named charity SOCK (Supporting Ovarian Cancer Knowledge). Sock charity is totally reliant on volunteers and 100% of all donations goes towards vital research programmes and campaigns to educate people about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. The signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer are frequently absent in its early stages making diagnosis extremely difficult. By purchasing Pairz socks you will be helping to raise funds for SOCK charity and spreading word about the importance of being aware of the signs of ovarian cancer to people all over the world. 

the story so far...

The simplest of ideas often happens when one has a problem. And I had a sock problem. A huge sock problem in fact, to the extent that one day back in May 2013 I spent nearly ten minutes searching for one half of my favourite pair of socks. I wouldn’t mind so much if they were a pair of cheap ‘n’ cheerful socks from a multipack, but I’d spent slightly more than minimum wage on these toe warmers and they’d become a comforting haven to my tired feet (living in London should come with a warning sign for people that are used to nipping to the shops in their car, and for those allergic to any form of physical exertion other than mooching around the shops, it is inevitable that you will learn to walk everywhere). Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not averse to walking, ‘a pied’ is a much greener mode of transport with the added benefit of shredding a few pounds along the way. The down side is that you’ll often find yourself donning a pair of trainers with your suit for work, not an easy look to pull off, even for the multitude of model-esque types that sashay down the pavement hoping to be ‘spotted’. So upon this day back in May I decided to do something about my problem. I was sat with my mother when the revelation came to me, she was visiting me in London, sat at the kitchen table unable to hide her pure disappointment as she realised her 29 year old daughter had a distinct inability to dress herself.

Out of love for my mother and my sheer determination not to disappoint I became a woman on a mission and Pairz was no longer just an idea, it was a business in the making.


The definition of the SOCK MONSTER according to the Urban Dictionary:

 Found in (or around) washing machines and tumble driers

Thought to be a genetically modified, highly evolved organism. Although never actually sighted evidence points to its habits and breeding cycle. A voracious predator the sock monster preys on single socks always leaving behind one of the pair it has captured. Mystery surrounds this behaviour although zoologists surmise this may be an instinctual mechanism for long term survival. Able to cross great distances at speed and unseen there is almost no known method of defence.

Currently there is a research program to capture one and study its life cycle to provide some relief. The only known fact is sock monster numbers are proportional to the number of people in residence at one location.

1 person = 1 monster, rare sock predation, victim is able to carry on normal life
2 persons = 2 monsters, infrequent predation
3 persons = 3 monsters, increased predation, victims are rarely able to find socks
4 persons = 4 monsters, forget it, no known cure, no socks at all for anyone

Thanks and Special Mentions


Jason Davis (Sock & Packaging Designer)
Kasra Karimi (DOP & Editor)
Raya Dibbs (Actress)
Warren Brooking (Actor)